Company Profile

SAILOR takes “taste” and “safety” very seriously and is committed to improving people’s diets.

Japan’s Best Kodawari Eggs are sourced directly from our hen farm and distributed to upscale hotels, restaurants, and renowned shops. SAILOR also sells products using Japan’s Best Kodawari Eggs as well as ingredients that are carefully selected by our discerning staff.

Company Profile

Company name SAILOR Co.,Ltd.
Representative director Hirokuni Shiotani
Address 486-6 Narui, Shitaka-cho, Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture
Address of contract farm 1650 Higashiune, Ako City, Hyogo Prefecture
Business type Sale of chicken eggs and related products
Capital \10 million
Banker Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Foundation January 10, 1991
Toll free phone number 0120-70-2468 (in Japan only)
Phone +81-(0)79-452-1626
FAX +81-(0)79-452-1627
Hours 9:00-17:30 on weekdays, 9:00-12:00 on Saturday
Closed Sunday and other holidays(end of the year,etc.)

Message from the President

Modern society is sometimes called “stressful society.”
We live in a stressful world, but good food always makes us smile. The excitement and joy that we feel after eating good food are one of the ways we can ease our stress as we see in countless expressions like “a restaurant that is worth lining up for,” “lunch at a luxury hotel,” or “celebrity favorites.”

SAILOR focuses on “eggs,” which are both a common sight on the table and essential in various dishes. SAILOR thus focused their business around them.
What we seek is not just eggs that taste good. We pursue the quality that is embodied in safety, nutrition, and freshness without compromise.

First, we took the hens’ physical condition seriously. Hens that lay eggs must be large, strong and have a healthy appetite.
Then we gave the hens’ living environment serious consideration. Hens are raised in the latest windowless hen houses so that they can avoid contact with wild birds or other external factors and are protected from high temperatures in the summer and low temperatures in the winter.
We also gave careful consideration to the water and feed that the hens consume.
The sumptuous feed is rich in paprika which actually has oriental herbal medicinal effects for energizing hens.
As a result, their products, the eggs, have a bright orange color that is unique to Japan’s Best Kodawari Eggs.
We don’t add any artificial coloring like canthaxanthin, which is commonly used in the industry.
In terms of their nutrition, they have powerful antioxidant effects for rejuvenation and beauty.
Vitamin E is reinforced several dozen times more than in ordinary eggs.
Eggs are carefully collected from young and healthy hens only that are 200 to 400 days old. Until the eggs are delivered to our customers, they are never touched by humans in the washing, sterilizing and packing process at the managed GP Center. Thus, we take safety very seriously and have absolute faith in our process.
Our unique “fresh and direct shipping” distribution style then allows the eggs to be delivered straight to customers from the farm on the very day they were collected.
This is how Japan’s Best Kodawari Eggs were born after we carefully designed each step of the process.

We would like all of your family to enjoy the taste, safety, and quality that we are devoted to.
We continue to pursue taste and safety sincerely and further enhance the security and safety of our food.
We would appreciate your continued support.

Representative Director of SAILOR