Product Details

Commitment to feed

We are committed to the quality of the feed. Our priority is satisfying the hens with the most nutritious feed
made of natural ingredients rather than reducing the cost.


The source of protein for Japan’s Best Kodawari Eggs is the highest quality sardine fish flour
and other nutritious ingredients including highly nutritious wheat germ.

As a result, these eggs have 30 times more vitamin E than normal eggs available on the market.

We give them paprika that also has medicinal effects so that they are healthy and have a strong appetite,
The paprika is the reason for the bright orange color of Japan’s Best Kodawari Eggs.

No canthaxanthin (artificial coloring) is used.

Commitment to the hen’s drinking water

The drinking water for the hens is quality-controlled groundwater pumped from deep underground Ako City,
Hyogo Prefecture, that is blessed with nature.

No tap water or rain water is given to the hens.

Committed to the hen’s breed


Japan’s Best Kodawari Eggs come from large red Boris Brown hens.

They are given an abundant nutritious blend of feed that is exclusively designed for
Japan’s Best Kodawari Eggs so that they can produce highly nutritious eggs.

The hens that make our eggs Japan’s Best are a breed called Boris Brown.

This breed has its origin in the United States and the red hens are calm and good-natured
and lay high-quality eggs.

They are healthy and strong, and their maturity rate is high.

The eggshell has thick and even color free from blood spots or meat spots,
giving Boris Brown the name “the king of brown egg-laying hens.”

Commitment to their living environment

Our windowless henhouse is spacious, clean, and odor-free. This latest facility reduces the stress of the hens and thus helps them produce safe eggs.

It allows no space for external factors (wild birds, mice, etc.) to enter the house
and protects the hens from bacterial contamination, summer heat, and winter chills.

The perfectly air-conditioned space also helps the hens feel less stress.

Commitment to the egg-laying age

Generally, the egg size depends on the age of the hen.

However, the nutritional value stays the same regardless of the size and consequently, the larger the egg is,
the more water it contains.

Eggs with more water content naturally taste “watery.”

So, we only select eggs produced by 200 to 400-day-old young hens that are rich and packed with energy by setting
our original collection period. Our customers always get to enjoy rich and delicious eggs this way.

These are the vital commitments we make to assure our customers the same high-quality eggs all the time.

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